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¿Qué productos enviar a Venezuela? - FamilyBox.Store

What products to send to Venezuela?

The well-being of our friends and family in Venezuela is a concern that moves us to take different actions to help them improve their quality of life.

FamilyBox was born with the objective of connecting many Venezuelans with those who want to give them a hand, no matter where they are in the world.

In this guide we list a series of items that are necessary for daily life in Venezuela, and having them can make a difference and make everyday life more bearable. Some of these products can be found at our store, and others you can buy on the internet through large portals such as, Walmart, or almost any online store and use the services of TEALCA, our logistic ally to get them to Venezuela.

Tealca offers excellent options to send almost any item to Venezuela from the United States, Spain and Panama. With the locker service, you can make purchases in large portals such as Amazon, Walmart, Best buy, and many more, and direct purchases to their headquarters, from where they will make the transfer to Venezuela.

Watch the following video to learn more about the operation of the service offered by Tealca:

In addition to the products we have in FamilyBox, you can use the Tealca locker service to make purchases online and send them to Tealca's headquarters in Miami or Madrid, from where they will be in charge of transporting all your purchases to the city where the person is located. that you want me to receive them in Venezuela.

Knowing the options that exist to make your shipments, we invite you to review this selection of the most common items sent to Venezuela from many parts of the world to make life easier for all those who receive them.

1. Food and toiletries:

Food has become the main need for Venezuelans, and represents the main help they receive from abroad.

At FamilyBox you will find a wide variety of non-perishable products to deliver to your family and friends in Venezuela.

Another option is to buy our already prepared Food combos for Venezuela






Also, it is very common to send personal care items to Venezuela, essential for daily life in Venezuela. At FamilyBox we offer you a wide selection:



2. Medicines:

In recent years, the availability of certain medicines in Venezuela has been affected, leading to a shortage of very important and necessary medicines for many pathologies. Because FamilyBox specializes in food and personal care items, we recommend that you learn about the options offered by TEALCA to send medicines to Venezuela.

There are some conditions and restrictions for sending medicines to Venezuela that you should know depending on the country from which you want to send your shipment.

To send medicines to Venezuela from Spain click here.

To send medicines to Venezuela from the United States click here.



As technology is integrated into all facets of daily life, it becomes more necessary to have equipment necessary for communication, productivity, learning, and entertainment.

Que enviar a venezuela electronicos
In Amazon you can find excellent options of devices to send to Venezuela

Although at FamilyBox we do not offer electronic items, you can buy them at O Amazon Spain and send them to Venezuela through the services offered by Tealca.


4. Electric generators and energy related products:

Blackouts and service interruptions in Venezuela make it necessary for every home to have an alternative source of energy. At FamilyBox we have a wide selection of generators that can be useful to maintain electrical service during interruptions.

You can see our options below:


5.Gifts in general:

In the same way as the previous articles, you can send almost anything to Venezuela thanks to the good offices of Tealca, to make shipments from the United States or Spain to Venezuela, you can create a single account and send all your purchases to any of its locations.

In FamilyBox we have a selection of Toys for the little ones in the house:



For shipments from the United States or Europe to Venezuela, create your free mailbox account, by clicking here.

For shipments from Panama to Venezuela, directly visit its headquarters in Panama City, visit its website for more information.


What did you think of this content? Was it useful to you? Or not? Leave us your comment below and we will be attentive to your feedback.

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