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At FamilyBox, we change the way to do your Online Shopping to Venezuela in a practical and safe way. That's why we carry out the process of Shipping to Venezuela with TEALCA for you.

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We want to inform that despite the restrictions due to the Coronavirus situation, we are making deliveries in the main cities of Venezuela.

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We offer a practical and simple alternative to send groceries to Venezuela, no matter where you are. Place an order on our website from anywhere in the world and we will make sure your family receives the food in Venezuela. We can deliver to more than 320 destinations in Venezuela thanks to our alliance with Tealca USA.

We offer food boxes for Venezuela as well as personal care items combos. Visit our store and discover our ready to ship boxes, or enjoy a personalized experience exploring our categories and choosing the foods you want to send to Venezuela, by clicking here.

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Our food boxes contain great quality products from brands you already know. Choose from hundreds of food and personal care products and we will make sure that your adressee receives your order.

Explore our products, and feel free to chat with us by using the chat button below. Our goal is to make easier for you the process of sending food and other items to Venezuela.

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Shipping food to Venezuela: Why choose us

Fast delivery

2 working days in Caracas, and up to 5 working days in other cities.

Online secure payment

Your payment method and details are secured by Paypal Buyer protection.

Customize your order

Create a custom order by adding products to your cart and we’ll take it from there.

No boundaries towards Venezuela

Buy from anywhere in the world, any day, at any moment. 

Wide coverage in Venezuela

We deliver in more than 320 destination through our logistic partner TEALCA.

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Our Coverage in Venezuela

We offer an alternative to door to door shipments to Venezuela

Watch our video to know more about shipping food and send groceries to Venezuela no matter in what country you are. If you are ready to create an order, click the button below.

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Send groceries to Venezuela with FamilyBox: Customer reviews

Through our partnership with the main shipping company in Venezuela, hundreds of families in Venezuela have already received our boxes sent by their relatives and friends from all over the world.

I am very impressed with the excellent service. My family received everything in record time. Excellent product quality. my family is very happy in Caracas with the service.

Excelente servicio, estoy impresionada en lo rápido que mi familia recibió los productos el mismo dia. La calidad de los productos es muy buena. Mi familia en Caracas está feliz con el servicio recibido.
Suhail Diaz
Suhail Diaz
16:09 02 May 20
Great service. Very fast delivery service and polite support agents. Gracias
Elora Fonseca
Elora Fonseca
20:20 25 Apr 20
Great experience and friendly customer service. Definitely will recommend to friends & family. Will shop here again soon! Thank you 😊
Pilar Delgado Garcia
Pilar Delgado Garcia
22:31 16 Apr 20
Really great service!! I would definitely recommend. The items are sent REALLY fast, only a couple days wait.

Some advice I could give is to add the option to choice which kinds of cereal you want, I was hoping to give my friend fruit loops but they didn't get it. Another thing is the products on the site are different, brand wise. Not all, but some, for example the deodorant was all mens when I had chosen 2 womens and 1 mens. I also got extra pads, 2 packages which was really nice, I only ordered 1 I think. My concern is that I'm not 100% getting what I'm paying for, because of the switch in deodorant brands I might of spent more? and I wish I wasn't given chocolate oreos when the site says regular.

Luckily the person I sent these to didn't care, so it's honestly fine in the end and I'm really grateful for this service. My friend and I are very happy with the outcome! Will likely use this service again in the future.
Rachel E Boivin
Rachel E Boivin
06:48 07 Apr 20
these guys did a fantastic job by delivering much needed food to my friends in Caracas. Highly recommend! Good job!
Dusan Banda
Dusan Banda
21:38 25 Mar 20
I was trying to get food quickly to loved ones in Venenzuela and there are so many companies that make promises and the packages never arrive. Not with Family Box! The ordering was simple and the email responses were super fast! The family was speechless when the food arrived (quickly) and I am so happy that this company exists since they not only provide items, but more importantly they are providing hope!

Thank you!!!!
Deric Folton
Deric Folton
20:24 11 Mar 20
seriedad.Eficienia.Buen trato.Entregas oportunas.
Carlos Angulo Miret
Carlos Angulo Miret
14:44 20 Feb 20
Desde los Estados Unidos me hicieron un envío con FamilyBox, lo recibí sin problemas en Caracas, estoy muy agradecido!!!
Alejandro Briceño
Alejandro Briceño
16:06 18 Feb 20
muy satisfecha con su prontitud e integridad.
Nery Malave
Nery Malave
19:35 06 Feb 20
saludos desde Puerto Rico muy contenta q estoy con su página excelente servicio rápido y 100% seguro sobre todo confiable muchas gracias por hacer esto posible y sigan brindando este servicio de alta calidad 💞
el servicio al cliente es excelente y la entrega llego super rápido
Laury Cintrón
Laury Cintrón
16:35 25 Jan 20
Whoever came up with this idea, it's genius! Such a quick, efficient way to get grocery items to loved ones in Venezuela! There's no waiting several weeks or having to go somewhere to pick up shipped items. Online customer service reps are polite and helpful, ordering is simple and easy, and the products are delivered in satisfactory packaging.The combos are an almost effortless way to purchase the necessities without having to order each individual item. I like the way Family Box continues to add onto the individual product line too, making more items available for purchase. And the delivery service delivers in a timely, professional manner straight to the recipient's door. Thank you, Family Box, for your high quality service!
Karen D Anderson
Karen D Anderson
19:37 29 Nov 19

Los recomiendo por útiles y super eficientes. Sus productos de calidad y la atención a sus clientes de primera. La entrega de los combos alimenticios es segura y rápida.

FamilyBox le especifica dependiendo del lugar donde usted esté en que tiempo llegara su pedido, y si hay algún contratiempo, su respuesta es inmediata.

Ya no hay excusas, si tiene familia en Venezuela u/o en cualquier lugar de mundo, deja todo en manos de FamilyBox, ellos a través de pasos sencillos le indican como hacer su pedido para enviar a Venezuela o EE.UU u/o cualquier otra parte del mundo donde tengan cobertura.

Entre a su página y allí se enterará de todos sus combos de alimentos y lo que puede ir agregando al carrito. Sus precios muy accesibles. Atrévase justo ahora que estamos en días navideños a enviar un presente a sus seres queridos. Los pasos sencillos para hacer los pedidos le sorprenderán y en tiempo récord será entregada su compra.

No recomiendo algo que no haya usado. Gracias a FamilyBox por su excelente servicio y calidad de sus alimentos. ¡¡¡FELICIDADES!!! 🙂
My very BEST FIND to send food parcels to Caracas, Venezuela. The quality of the products has received many compliments from my relatives, and the well-coordinated deliveries have been SUPERB (everything in order) and FAST - next day, for Caracas. Family Box is a 5-star trustworthy company, which I am more than happy to recommend.
More War
More War
20:18 22 Nov 19
Great service. Package arrived quickly.
Preston Lembke
Preston Lembke
22:43 30 Oct 19
Son muy atentos en el servicio al cliente, son productos de primera calidad y a un precio insuperable si consideramos que te lo entregan en tu casa, ademas la entrega es super rápida y segura, 1000% Recomendados
Mi familia y yo estamos muy contentos con el servicio de Family Box, tanto en Vzla como en USA. Hemos enviado ya como seis veces a Caracas y todos los productos llegan bien empacados, y en el periodo de tiempo que especifican. Nos alegra ver que hay otros productos que se pueden añadir a la cajas combo y la variedad de combos que están ofreciendo. Muy buen trabajo, sigan así.
Gaby Jurica
Gaby Jurica
23:12 28 Oct 19
FamilyBox nos ha prestado su servicios, organizando y haciendo entrega de cada pedido con responsabilidad. Gracias
Damelys Wernli
Damelys Wernli
01:03 24 Oct 19
What a terrific service. Deliveries are fast and efficient. Company delivers great customer service and this is just such a lifeline to families in need in Venezuela.
Mary Murray
Mary Murray
16:59 22 Oct 19

How to send food to Venezuela in 3 simple steps

Sending food to Venezuela doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Now, there are no borders when it comes to sending food and personal care items to Venezuela. Order now from wherever you are: Australia, United States, England or any other part of the world to our beloved Venezuela.

Send groceries to Venezuela

Pick and send groceries to Venezuela or a food combo and we will deliver your order in more than 320 destinations in Venezuela.

Complete Your Details

Type the delivery and contact details, Review your cart and complete your payment securely with Paypal, credit card or Zelle transfers (USA).

Ship To Venezuela

Thanks to our partnership with TEALCA, the main shipping company in Venezuela, we offer the fastest delivery times to more than 320 destinations throughout Venezuela.

Send food to Venezuela:
What's inside our food combos?

We offer a simple way to send food to Venezuela Each of our combos are elaborated with dedication and contain a special selection of products of first necessity, as much Quality food as articles of care and personal hygiene. Everything your family needs in one place.

Discover our food products, combo boxes, personal care items and non perishable groceries to be delivered in Venezuela

We make it easier for you: Any of our combos includes quality products. From food, non perishable groceries to personal care items. Now, you can send food to Venezuela by creating a custom order with quality products of your choice.

Stay in the know about essential items to send to your friends and relatives in Venezuela

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We are putting together the best advice about shipping to Venezuela, and how-to guides that will enable you to maintain and strenghten your relationships with those you care about in Venezuela.

Send groceries to venezuela

Our deliveries in Venezuela
are professionally handled by:

More than 320 destinations
covered within Venezuela

Frequently Asked Questions

The number 1 question our clients make when they first get in touch with us is: “Can I ship food to Venezuela”. Short answer: Yes. It is possible, there are plenty of door to door companies in Florida that can provide this service for you, most of them work ok, and we specially recommend TEALCA. Our service is an alternative to this modality, our products are already in Venezuela which shortens the amount of time required to ship from the US to Venezuela, we can make deliveries in up to 2 business days in the Capital city of Caracas, and up to 6 business days in the rest of Venezuela. Click here to start adding products to your cart and place your order. To send groceries to Venezuela is now easier than ever. 

If the delivery address of your order is in Caracas, we will deliver within the next business day, if the delivery address of your order is in any other destination, delivery time could take up to 4 business day, depending on the destination. Destinations like Margarita Island, San Cristobal, San Fernando de Apure, could be delivered in up to 6 business days.

Yes! We think about your security, so once you complete your order you will receive an email with the shipping number with which you can follow up on TEALCA‘s website.

You can write to or write to our live chat and we will respond to your request as soon as possible.

If you use credit cards as payment method to pay your orders, your payments will be processed directly by Paypal in a pop-up window controlled by Paypal. FamilyBox does not have access to your card information, or to the access key to your Paypal account, therefore we do not save or copy information about your payment methods.

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If you send groceries to Venezuela to friends and family means you are very generous, at the present moment there are many people around the world looking for ways to do the same, please help us out by spreading the word sharing this website across your social networks. 

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An easy way to send food products to Venezuela and more:

Frequently asked questions about our service:

If the delivery address of your order is in the capital city of Caracas, we will deliver in the next 24 hours (usually less). If the delivery address of your order is in any other destination, the delivery time could take up to 5 business days, depending on the destination. Destinations such as Isla Margarita, San Cristobal, San Fernando de Apure, can be delivered in up to 7 working days.
Note: During the CoronaVirus quarantine, we will be experiencing some delays in the interior cities of Venezuela.


If you wish to monitor the progress of your shipment, write us at and we will send you the tracking number to track your order on TEALCA’s website.

If you need to make a change to your order, modify products, add a card, or any other request, write us at or write to our live chat, and we will help you with whatever you need.

Yes! You can use our partner logistic company TEALCA and purchase in online, shipping your purchases to their warehouse, and they will receive them on their Florida Warehouse and safely transport your goods to Venezuela. Watch this video to learn more.

Other product categories:

Power generators

Home cleaning

Flat rate Shipping cost

We offer a flat rate cost of 6.99$ for shipment to any of our destinations..

No hidden fees

Your relative or friend won't have to pay a dime when receiving your order.

Buy from anywhere

No matter where you are, we will deliver your order in Venezuela.

100% secure payment

PayPal / MasterCard / Visa Secure checkout, guaranteed delivery.