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Online Supermarket in Venezuela

FamilyBox: Online Supermarket in Venezuela

Online Supermarket in Venezuela FamilyBox: Since 2 years ago we offer a practical and safe alternative to send groceries to Venezuela.

From anywhere in the world you can select products such as canned foods, grains, cereals, coffee, powdered milk, sauces, sweets, chocolates, snacks, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and much more.

Add them to the cart and complete your purchase, very soon we will be making the delivery to your relatives in Venezuela.

Sending groceries to Venezuela is easier than you think, just add the products you want to send, complete your order and we will be delivering in 2 business days in Caracas and up to 5 business days in the rest of the country.

Thanks to our alliance with TEALCA, we can deliver to more than 320 destinations in Venezuela, check out our coverage section to see our destinations.

Online supermarket in Venezuela

Food Items:

In this section you will find the food products that we have available to add to your market and be dispatched to the address you indicate in Venezuela.

Al enviar un mercado a Venezuela, el costo que reflejan nuestros productos incluye el envío, evita gastos adicionales y pagos ocultos al momento de la entrega.

Combo boxes:

We are more than an online supermarket in Venezuela, we have ready-made combos that save you time selecting your products.

We offer you combos with different configurations according to your budget and preferences, and remember, shipping is already included.

Snack and candy:

Personal care products:

Home cleaning:

Pet food:

Power generators:

Guaranteeing the electricity supply in Venezuela is essential for any family or business. Frequent blackouts in different cities make it necessary to prepare and guarantee electric service to meet the basic needs of any household such as food preservation, and the possibility of recharging electronic devices indispensable for communication.

Check the power generators we have available for immediate delivery in Venezuela.

Now, you can send toys to Venezuela:

We are incorporating gifts, toys and other products required by our customers, very soon, you can also send gifts to Venezuela.

Have you added to your shopping cart all the products you want to send to Venezuela?

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