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Meet the other side of the shipments to Venezuela and the Amazon influence

The business of shipping from the United States to Venezuela has grown thanks to a notable influence of Amazon, eBay, Tealca and other success stories that seek to be an option for the Venezuelan migration that aspires to send packages to Venezuela.

Amazon began as an online bookstore and after many years capitalized on the importance of a more intuitive portal, designed for people. From developing in a better search engine, offering a range of options, to the time it would take for the shipment to arrive.

The key to this? Do not complicate the life of those who require your services, on the contrary, become an online business portal (for Venezuela, United States and the world) to which people seek to return, like to be and feel attended to every request.


The internet was and remains the future, so understood Jeff Bezos the leader and founder behind the company. For him, the Amazon philosophy is synonymous with customer service and personalized care, efficient and up to date, for those who feel comfortable, come back.

Why do people prefer to buy or ship online? What drives them? Comfort? ¿Distance? Anything else? All these questions were asked by Bezos’ company at the time, and then they pointed out that everything revolves around the consumer and his most human needs.

If you are going to invest, invest well and invest with the hope that people will want to reapply for your services. Lasting relationshipsare the key to lasting clients. The American company understood this and punctually for Venezuela, it became a window that began to show the world.

As in a relationship, Amazon saw long before others that it had to listen very well and study considerably every potential buyer who accessed its website. Based on this, its reputation grew to become the great brand it is today.

At Family Box we understand that making the job easier and faster for Venezuelans is essential to their shopping experience. We feel that now is the best time to help the people who are still in our country.

Hand in hand withTEALCA, a company with years of experience, we quickly customize door-to-door shipments to Venezuela. We understand that our visitors expect a practical and safe process to support their family and friends from anywhere in the world in record time.


Door-to-door delivery to Venezuela


Starting from the premise of Amazon, knowing the consumer is vital for analyzing their purchase action and therefore get a greater approach to their needs. If you want to understand what a user needs when accessing your website do not sell for sale, know their wishes and what they are looking for.

La confianza se gana poco a poco pero se pierde rápido, no ofrezcas ofertas engañosas y distingue primero que no vas a vender una sola vez, quieres que la persona regrese y repita el proceso sintiéndose como en casa.

What does a person look for when requesting a shipment? Helping one or more people? Surprise? Have a detail? All these questions should be asked daily when we offer something and put ourselves in the shoes of the consumer who wants to make an online purchase.

The most representative advantage of sitting down and making an online sale is precisely the ease of having everything at hand from where you are. Managing time, feeling safe and having a world of options, as in the case of Amazon.

At Family Box we are committed to making this processfaster for Venezuelans abroad, because as Venezuelans, we understand the complexities of acquiring goods and seek to be a friend of door-to-door delivery. The cost of our products includes shipping, thinking of a more comfortable and accessible process for everyone.


The client is as he is and with time we understand that we must not change him, but understand him. In the specific case of Venezuela, according to figures from Tendencias Digitales: 63% of users make purchases from their computer, over 43% who prefer to make this process from their cell phone.

En la actualidad, majority of potential buyers prefer online commerce and 71% confirm that they have purchased physical products. All this over a traditional part that prefers to go to shops or at least buy in online businesses that also have a physical space.

The growth of e-commerce in the country has rebounded in response to the need to find what is desired in the domestic market. The modern buyer expects to enjoy payment mechanismsthat only make him move from his seat to open the door of his house and receive his order without the need to move and spend more time.

Are you wondering where the percentage of people who might not like to buy online is? This portion of the population must also be taken into account to understand what is holding them back. Many potential customers feel insecure or reluctant to buy something they are not seeing.

Most of them refrain from buying for fear of being swindled or the product not being what they expected. Another part of this percentage lies in their concern about the delay of the shipment and ultimately the discomfort they feel about not feeling what they are buying.

How do we gain their trust? After asking you this, think about: How would I like to be treated?Talk to the potential buyer honestly and explain all the benefits of partnering with you.

At Family Box, we’re committed to a relationship of trust.We’re there for you. We have personalized combos that already include shipping, a daily attention and we cover more than 320 destinations within Venezuela in alliance with TEALCA For that and more, we build lasting relationships from Venezuelans to Venezuelans.

Have you already made purchases on Amazon? If so, you will feel identified and comfortable with the service we offer. When you ship with us we give you tranquility and:

☑️ A wide variety of combos with the option to customize them.

☑️ Express delivery with tracking.

☑️ Monthly service for your loved ones.

We connect you from anywhere in the world with those you love most. Satisfactory service is important to us, that’s why we have a fast and efficient delivery process that you can find out about here.

We love our work and know that knowing your experience is crucial to continue innovating, so we invite you to share all your comments here.

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