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One for every requirement: Learn the types of shipments to Venezuela that suit you best

Venezuela is a country with a high demand for shipments especially by boat or plane. The current situation of the Caribbean country and even its excellent geographical location make it a key economic point for the region.

Within the most requested by our country can be found orders ranging from simple documents, food combos, medicines, to various packages that may include clothing, cell phones and other items.

Normally shipments are made from anywhere in the world and arrive to be sent by a transport company. They check that the shipment meets all conditions and give it a green light for its domestic destination.

Within all the types of shipments that exist we can find a division by:

Prohibited shipments by boat or plane to Vzla

For companies there are other types of shipments that are known as “Maximum Distribution” where you can transport large loads in mass, depending on your requirement or condition.

Choosing one type or another reallydepends on each person’s need. From the lightest package, to the largest box or even under a specific cooling service.

For example, if your occasional need is to enjoy food in good condition and personal hygiene products, the ideal is

Opt for a shipment with express delivery time.

A light shipment > by air – a heavy shipment > by ship.

To have a company or intermediary with direct delivery at home.

One of the main companies to understand that user needs come first was Amazon. Its influence on the reception of quality shipments to Venezuela and Latin America marked a before and after of this service.

No matter how big or small the request, in the special case of Venezuela, there is an extensive list of prohibited products to dispatch to the country that we invite you to know here (list of products).


In Family Box we know that immediacy is key to meet the needs of each family and we have a stock available in Venezuela for more efficiency. With our service, as soon as the customer makes a purchase, it is immediately dispatched to its destination.

Whether by sea or air, we are aware of how quickly the consumer wants their order. Our team works daily to make sure you make the right decision and feel supported in every part of the buying process. With us you’ll enjoy:

Customized combinations adapted to you.

Delivery of quality products in good condition.

A first class service from start to finish.

For us, current regulations and suspended shipments to Venezuela from countries such as the United States are not a problem. Even when you request your combo you will receive an email with theshipment number for you to track itfrom the comfort of your home or office.

Sending food combos to Venezuela

We know that people outside the country are far away, but not absent from their families and want to be able to provide them with a quality combo that can arrive safely and instantly. That is why the Family Box service has no borders and together with TEALCA it reaches more than 320 destinations within Venezuela.


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