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Mother's day in Venezuela

Mother’s Day in Venezuela: When is it and what to give as a gift?

Mother’s Day in Venezuela Mother’s Day is a special occasion that honors mothers and mother figures around the world. In Venezuela, Mother’s Day in Venezuela is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, as in many other countries. This year 2023, Mother’s Day in Venezuela is May 14, and it is a time when people […]


Introducing Quikipay a new payment gateway

Now at we are expanding the options to serve you better and we are offering you new payment alternatives depending on the country where you are, thanks to our partnership with Quikipay, a new payment platform that will make it easier for you to complete the payment process for your orders at our online […]

Now delivering to the main cities of Venezuela

Last Update: January 2021. We have excellent news: Once again we are making deliveries in the main cities of Venezuela. Now you can place orders to be delivered in: Anzoátegui: • Barcelona • Pto. La Cruz • Lechería • Anaco • El Tigre • El Tigrito • San José de Guanipa Aragua: • Cagua • […]

Meet the other side of the shipments to Venezuela and the Amazon influence

The business of shipping from the United States to Venezuela has grown thanks to a notable influence of Amazon, eBay, Tealca and other success stories that seek to be an option for the Venezuelan migration that aspires to send packages to Venezuela. Amazon began as an online bookstore and after many years […]

One for every requirement: Learn the types of shipments to Venezuela that suit you best

Venezuela is a country with a high demand for shipments especially by boat or plane. The current situation of the Caribbean country and even its excellent geographical location make it a key economic point for the region. Within the most requested by our country can be found orders ranging from simple documents, […]

Shipping restrictions to Venezuela

Shipping restrictions to Venezuela

Shipping restrictions to Venezuela: Given many variables when processing and requesting shipments to our country, today we explain the prohibited items to send to Venezuela from anywhere in the world. Shipping restrictions to Venezuela: What does the restriction includes: As highlighted by the international agency Reuters, at the time the […]

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