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This box of food o be delivered in Venezuela contains5 products (8 units)of protein food that you can already “add to your cart”to place your order and send nutritional foodto those you care about.

  • 1 Brookdale canned Corned beef (12 Oz / 340 gr).
  • 1 Pechuga de pollo enlatada Brookdale (12,5 Oz / 354 gr).
  • 1 Brookdale Cooked ham (16 Oz /454 gr).
  • 4 Canned tuna (5 Oz / 142 gr).
  • Lentils or Chickpeas or Black Face or Red Face Great Value (4 lb / 1,810 gr).

By placing an order for this combo, you are sending your relative or friend in Venezuela a total of 3.1 Kilograms of protein.


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All our prices include delivery to any of the  320 destinations we deliver in Venezuela.

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  • Up to 2 business days delivery time for Caracas, and up to 5 business days in the rest of Venezuela.
  • Your addressee won’t have to pay anything when receiving your order.
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This Combo Food Box contains:

  • 1 can Luncheon meat Brookdale (12 Oz / 340 gr) or 1 can Corned beef Brookdale (12 Oz / 340 gr)
  • 1 Brookdale canned chicken breast (12,5 Oz / 354 gr).
  • 1 Brookdale cooked ham (16 Oz /454 gr).
  • 4 canned tuna (5 Oz / 142 gr).
  • Lentils, black beans or red beans (4 lb / 1.810 gr).

By placing an order for this combo, you are sending your family member in Venezuela a total of 3.1 Kilograms of protein.

How to send this food combo to Venezuela?

This and many other food combos are now available at our facilities in Venezuela.

To make your shipment to Maracaibo, Valencia, Merida, San Cristobal, Maturin or Puerto Ordaz or any of the 320 places where we can deliver your order, simply add it to the cart and complete the payment with your credit card or Paypal.

As soon as we verify your purchase, your order will be transported and delivered to the destination by TEALCA, a company with more than 34 years of experience in shipping to Venezuela.


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