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This combo contains rice, vegetable oil, sugar, coffee, black beans, bread flour, milk powder, lentils, short pasta, long pasta, wheat flour, hazelnut spread, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup sauce, tomato sauce, red beans, canned tuna. To see the exact quantities of each product, click on the “Content and delivery” section. To send this combo to your family in Venezuela, click on “add to cart”, and then click “View cart” to review your order and finalize your purchase. If you want to send this product to your family on a recurring basis, click here to choose the monthly plan.

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The easiest way to send food to Venezuela. Our Premium Food Box contains 25 food products. When you order this Box, We will take care of the logistics so that it is delivered in any of the 320 destinations we cover in Venezuela. To see the complete list of foods and products included, click on “Additional Information” tab. Note: Our prices are expressed in US dollars (USD).


Click here to see the destinations in which TEALCA can deliver your shipments in Venezuela.


– Rice (1 unit / 5lb).
– Vegetable Oil (2 units / 1,8l).
– Conditioner (1 unit / 887ml).
– Sugar (1 unit / 4lb).
– Coffee (3 units / 10oz).
– Black beans (1 unit / 2lb).
– PAN flour (3 units / 2,20lb).
– Lentils (1 unit / 4lb).
– Short pasta (2 units / 2lb).
– Spaghetti (2 units / 2lb).
– Wheat flour (1 unit / 5lb).
– Hazelnut cream (1 unit / 13oz).
– Mayonnaise (1 unit / 30oz).
– Mustard (1 unit / 20oz).
– Ketchup (1 unit / 24oz).
– Ragout sauce (1 unit / 680gr).
– Canned tuna (4 units).



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