FamilyBox Mini – Food box delivered in Venezuela


The FamilyBox Mini, is a combo to deliver in Venezuela that contains essential products such as flour, bread, oil, canned tuna, rice, coffee, short pasta, long pasta and Ragu sauce. To complement your order, we recommend combining it with our protein combo, click here to see its contents.

Would you like to send this food box to Venezuela?

Place your order and we can deliver it in Caracas in 24 hours and in the rest of Venezuela in 72 working hours in any of our 320 destinations.


This food box contains a variety of products that should not be missing in the pantry of any home in Venezuela.
We will deliver this purchase in Venezuela  in any of the 320 destinations covered by TEALCA in Venezuela.

This food box contains:
• Vegetable Oil (1 unit / 1.18lt / 40oz)
• Rice (1 unit / 3 pounds / 1360 gr)
• Canned Tuna (2 units / 0.3 lbs / 142gr)
• Coffee (1 unit / 0.625 lbs / 283gr)
• Bread flour (2 units / 2 lbs / 907gr)
• Short pasta (1 unit / 1 pound / 454gr)
• Ragu sauce (1 unit / 1.5lb / 24 ounces)
• Spaghetti (1 unit / 1 lb / 454 gr)


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