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Do you want to keep helping your loved ones? At Family Box you If you only want to send food to your family, this combo is your best option. It includes 19 quality products that you can “add to the cart” to place your order and provide comfort with your purchase.

If you want to choose the products you want to send instead of a “Pre-assembled” box, visit our section supermarket in Venezuela.

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All our prices include delivery to any of the  320 destinations we deliver in Venezuela.

  • All our prices are also in US Dollars.
  • Up to 2 business days delivery time for Caracas, and up to 5 business days in the rest of Venezuela.
  • Your addressee won’t have to pay anything when receiving your order.
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All products available on this website are delivered in Venezuela. To buy this product in your country, click here to search for it on Amazon.

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The ESSENTIAL (Food) combo contains

– 5lb (1 unit) rice.
– Vegetable oil 1,42lt (1 unit).
– Sugar 4lb (1 unit).
– Coffee 10oz (1 unit).
– Grains (Black or red faces or Lentils or Chickpeas 4lb).
– Corn flour for arepas 2lb (2 units).
– Short Pasta 1 lb (1 unit).
– Spaghetti 1 lb (2 units).
– Wheat flour 5 lb (1 unit).
– Canned tuna 0.3 lb (4 units).
– 1 package of Oreo cookies or similar 15.25 oz (432 gr)



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