Power generators

A power generator, migh be the ultimate gift for you relatives living in Venezuela.
Frequent blackouts in Venezuela, especially in the cities like Maracaibo, San Cristobal, Merida, and many others, make the presence of electric generators necessary.

Both homes and businesses require to:

-Obtain provisional energy for various activities.
-Turn on refrigerators and refrigerators to preserve food.
-Charge phones and other communication devices.
Turn on entertainment devices such as TVs and video games to make the wait more bearable.

The continuous supply of energy during prolonged blackouts provides moments of tranquility to those who live in Venezuela, and to their relatives abroad.

In order to offer our customers more and more alternatives and products to deliver in Venezuela, we include power plants of different powers.

Select any of the available plants to know the prices and technical characteristics of each one.

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