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Shipments to Venezuela from the United States and many other countries

FamilyBox was born due to the necessity to safely ship essential products to Venezuela. Provide well-being to your loved ones with orders that are made directly from any country in the world in our online store.

The United States, Spain, England, Mexico, Colombia, Ecuador, Italy and Germany are just some of the countries where we are most requested combos to be delivered in Venezuela. However, the FamilyBox service transcends borders and you will have it next to your family in Caracas in 2 business days, in the interior of the country 5 business days and in the Insular Region up to 6 business days.

Do you know what is the best thing about our Combo boxes? Is that your payment covers the cost of shipping, arriving in record time and without complications with the leading company of parcels in Venezuela: TEALCA. 

From the day you purchase your shipment until its happy arrival, you can comfortably track it from home. There are no limitations from where you request your package, we have shipments to Venezuela, placing your order online from Madrid, New York, Lima, Tenerife, Atlanta and much more.

Our service knows no borders, place your order today and we deliver in record time.

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Flat rate Shipping cost

We offer a flat rate cost of 6.99$ for shipment to any of our destinations..

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Your relative or friend won't have to pay a dime when receiving your order.

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No matter where you are, we will deliver your order in Venezuela.

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