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Quarantine conditions and coverage during Covid-19

During quarantine, Venezuela is also going through special circumstances such as fuel shortage. Even though we are 100% commited to providing the service you need to sending food to your friends and relatives living in Venezuela, these events modify our logistics, therefore, we will continue to offer our service with some conditions during this times, read ourblog post to know more:

Common purchase queries answered

Orders and Shipping

Our delivery times are up to 2 working days for the capital city of Caracas, and up to 5 working days to the rest of Venezuela.

Once your order is placed, we will do our best to ship the same day, if we receive your order before 11am (Venezuela time). However, is most probably that your order will be shipped the next working day.

If you place an order and it has not been dispatched yet, you can write to indicating the delivery information and we will adjust your order. Please note that this request must come from the email that is registered in our system.

If the order has already been dispatched, we will do our best to redirect it to the new address, however we cannot guarantee that the address will be changed. Additionally, additional charges may be generated due to additional redirection of the package.

If you use credit cards as payment method to pay your orders, your payments will be processed directly by Paypal in a pop-up window controlled by Paypal. FamilyBox does not have access to your card information, or to the access key to your Paypal account, therefore we do not save or copy information about your payment methods.

Your purchase is protected by PayPal. In case of any breach by FamilyBox, Paypal would refund your purchase total.
For your peace of mind you can visit the opinions section of our clients so you can know their testimonies and experiences with our service.

FamilyBox specializes in shipping food and other items throughout Venezuela. You can make your purchases from any country in the world, and delivery will always be in Venezuela.

At the moment we do not offer delivery in countries other than Venezuela.

Normally we group all the items of your order in the least amount of boxes possible to optimize the shipment process.
If you have a special requirement, for example, that we group only some products and that others go in an additional package, please specify it in the observations field of the purchase form.
You can also contact us through the email, or in our instagram account, by clicking here.

If you need to swap an item

Returns and Exchanges

Click here to read our returns policy.

If any of the items in your order were missing at the time of receiving your order, please write to indicating the missing items, pictures of the box. Once your email has been received and your claim verified, we will resend the missing items as soon as possible.

In some cases, the boxes may suffer some external damage, however, this does not mean that the items have been damaged. In these cases, we ask you to open the box carefully, and count the items, which should correspond to your order. If there are missing, please let us know.

If you experience any inappropriate behaviour by the person in charge of making the delivery, please notify us immediately by writing to, and we will issue a report to TEALCA. This does not mean that TEALCA carries out any immediate solution, but your report will be included in the improvement statistics and measures will be applied at some time in the future.

If you require any help with your orders other than the situations specified in this section, contact us via email indicating your contact information, telephone and whatsapp and we will respond as soon as possible.

If there is any wrong information in your order, write us immediately at and we will update the information.

If you need to change the content or quantities of your order, we suggest you send us an email to in the following hours, since once your order has been dispatched, unfortunately we cannot make changes, for more information, read Our refund policy by clicking here.

Write us at indicating the products that interest you and we will notify you once they are available.

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Flat rate Shipping cost

We offer a flat rate cost of 6.99$ for shipment to any of our destinations..

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